Tomas Jefanovas is an artist and designer based in London

Rated X
Collaboration with CBB

Guest Projects: Radical Abstraction
Collaboration with Inês Neto dos Santos 

Alpha Untitled
Collaboration with Tasos Stamou

Video Noise Trolley
Window Display at VFD
Personal Space
Window Display at VFD

Video / Film
Femininity (1 of 1)
Masculinity (2 of 5)
Unity (3 of 5)
Physical Love (4 of 5)
Spiritual Love (5 of 5)
Rated X - Holes
Rated X - Space Talk

Rated X - Waffle Drone

Alpha-Untitled (1 of 3)

Alpha-Untitled (2 of 3)

Alpha-Untitled (3 of 3)
Magnetic Mirror

Mervyn Blackwood
Collaboration with Bourgeois & Maurice 

Collaboration with Bourgeois & Maurice

Husky Loops (music video)

Live Visuals
MF Tomlinson, Nature Boy
The Lexington, London, 2019
Audio Visual Night #3
New River Studios, London, 2019
Bugged Out, Field Day
Victoria Park, London, 2017
Tribes, The Cause
Tottenham, London, 2018
London Loft Party
Various Warehouse Locations, 2015–16