Tomas Jefanovas is an artist and designer based in London

Rated X
Collaboration with CBB

Guest Projects
Collaboration with Inês Neto dos Santos 

Alpha Untitled
Collaboration with Tasos Stamou

Video Noise Trolley
Window Display at VFD
Personal Space
Window Display at VFD

Video / Film
Femininity (1 of 1)
Masculinity (2 of 5)
Unity (3 of 5)
Physical Love (4 of 5)
Spiritual Love (5 of 5)
Rated X - Holes
Rated X - Space Talk

Rated X - Waffle Drone
Magnetic Mirror

Mervyn Blackwood
Husky Loops (music video)

Live Visuals
MF Tomlinson, Nature Boy
The Lexington, London, 2019
Audio Visual Night #3
New River Studios, London, 2019
Bugged Out, Field Day
Victoria Park, London, 2017
Tribes, The Cause
Tottenham, London, 2018
London Loft Party
Various Warehouse Locations, 2015–16