Rated X is an audio-visual theatrical performance created by the duo collaboration of video and sound artist Tomas Jefanovas and performer, writer and musician Christopher Brett Bailey.

Tomas Jefanovas pulls futuristic visuals out of retrograde video technologies to sculpt a psychedelic vision of space and time. Christopher Brett Bailey rages and croons. He is an end of days prophet, a lunatic out on a day pass, a jazz poet crash landed from a distant planet.

Together they create something chaotic and cosmic. A meditation on holes, voids and mirrors. A ritual of high intensity. A sensory overload. A ketamine noir.

Part video art installation, part noise gig, part theatre.
Running Time: 50 mins approx.

Genre: audio-visual, installation, music, theatre.
Style: drone, noise, jazz, 80s NY no-wave, punk, spoken word.
Atmospheres: hypnotic, celestial, foreboding, mechanical, ery, nocturnal, sensual, sleazy.



Past performances
NOW Festival at The Yard Theatre, London, UK
23–27 January 2018
FORM Festival at Bootleg Social, Blackpool, UK
9th February 2018
Rio Cinema, London, UK
29th June 2018

Credits Videos, projections & screens, video synthesisers, audio synthesisers, drones, effects boxes and incense
Tomas Jefanovas Voice, words, illuminati jazz lizard, saxophone, dance moves, electric guitar loops, effects boxes and sound fx
Christopher Brett Bailey
Dramaturg & creative producer
Anne Rieger
Beckie Darlington
Makeup artist
Rachel Porter

Originally seed commissioned by The Yard Theatre
Supported by Arts Council England

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